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Severely Underweight He Was Covered In Open Wounds. The Future Looked Bleak For This Senior Stray Cat

Having lived his entire life on the streets he was found severely underweight, covered in open wounds he was also infected with FIV+.

He was not in great shape when they found him, life on the streets had taken its toll on this senior tabby, he was covered in open wounds and he wasn’t getting any younger.

To say he was in poor shape was an understatement, if left, where he was the future did not look great for Runt. Covered in open wounds, they had found him just in time.

Emily @gingeralfalfa

He was taken to Lake County Animal Shelter, Tavares, Florida where they found him to be severely underweight along with having an upper respiratory infection.

It took seven weeks for this formerly malnourished senior feline to bounce back, but bounceback he did. Emily Blythe, a member of staff at Lake County, took Runt home with her.

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He awoke to the sound of her voice and sauntered on up to her like the were the best of friends.

When she found him he was completely feral after living his whole life in a colony of cats.

There he came right out of his shell. Finally, Runt was pain-free, in no discomfort, his hangdog look disappeared and his true personality shone through, in fact, he blossomed.

He blended puurfectly with Emily’s other cats, mostly senior, no longer fighting for food or territory, now he had friends to hang out with and a roof over his head.

Emily @gingeralfalfa

Not long after Runt moved in Emily brought home a foster kitten.

To find out how Runt Reacted click next below! 


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