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Finding Him Barely Clinging Onto Life He Refuses To Leave His Side Until Help Arrives!

While Opie the puppy was doing what puppies normally do he came across something that caught his attention! Something that needed saving!

What Opie had found was a two-day-old kitten hidden under a log behind his apartment building! Still barely alive the tiny kitten was covered in maggots, yet, somehow clinging onto life. Opie seemed to know he needed help because he refused to leave his side.

That is to say until Opie’s Dad, James Rood, found both of them and rushed the fading little feline to a local veterinarian.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/LiaLiaBoBiaBananaFannaFoFiaMeMiMoMiaLIA

There’s no doubt that if it were not for Opie the tiny kitten, now named Roscoe, would not be with us today. Its been a year since that fateful day, and not only is Roscoe doing well he is also best Bud’s with his canine hero.

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“James and Opie were taking a walkout in the field behind where we live” in Ontario, Canada, says Roode’s partner, Lia Spilka. “They heard a squeak coming from in the bushes. Opie ran toward it, and James followed. That is when James found Opie beside a log, with Roscoe pinned underneath.”

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/LiaLiaBoBiaBananaFannaFoFiaMeMiMoMiaLIA

Roscoe whined and whined until James took his shirt off and carried the stricken kitten inside all wrapped up.

He did his best to clean the newborn up then took him into an emergency animal clinic in the city.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/LiaLiaBoBiaBananaFannaFoFiaMeMiMoMiaLIA

Giving the vet a heads up first about doing whatever he needed to do to keep the kitten alive.

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