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Covered In Hot Grease A Kitten Hangs On For Dear Life

Covered in hot grease a tiny kitten somehow managed to cling to the undercarriage of a tractor-trailer truck enduring a four-country trip through central New Jersey.

How she got onto the tractor-trailer no one is sure, how she clung on for so long is even more unsure. But what is certain is this is one tough though very lucky little kitten.

Photo Courtesy of 911 Dog and Cat Rescue.

The 6-week old little calico is now safe and sound at Morristown Animal Hospital, where along with with a flea bath and the right care and attention she was given the name Miracle.

Miracle ended up at the Morris Township clinic after police had rescued her from the tractor-trailer after the driver was flagged down on Route 24.

Photo Courtesy of 911 Dog and Cat Rescue.

She was spotted by another driver clinging beneath the moving truck covered in grease clinging on for dear life. After being rescued she was cared for by Morristown-based 911 dog and cat rescue.

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She was then transferred to a hospital where a bath was high on the priority list as she was covered in grease and a heavy infestation of fleas. Now she is doing fine, apart from getting over the shock she is still a little scared of the unfamiliar surroundings. But medically she is doing very well.

Photo Courtesy of 911 Dog and Cat Rescue.

“When she brought it in, it was covered with fleas and grease from the truck,” Lori Banchi, a volunteer said. “So we gave it a bath, then the doctor did an exam, de-wormed it, gave it medicine for fleas. It’s doing well. Aside from being scared, medically, it’s fine.”

Banchi took Miracle home Tuesday night for some extra loving care.”She didn’t want to eat the first day, that’s part of being scared, but she ate for me this morning,” Banchi said Wednesday.

Photo Courtesy of 911 Dog and Cat Rescue.

Miracle also took comfort in a “Snuggle Mama” stuffed cat with an artificial heartbeat.” As soon as I gave her that, she dove right under it,” Banchi said. “It was cute.”

Miracle likely will be medically cleared for adoption in a few weeks. Meanwhile, the shelter is asking for donations of cat food to feed Miracle and other cats in its care. For information, contact

Photo Courtesy of 911 Dog and Cat Rescue.

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A cat on a mission he broke out of the shelter crossing railway lines and roads just to find her.

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