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Rescued From The Streets Was A Tiny Spitfire! In Fact, Staff Soon Found She Had The Worst Case Of Single Kitten Syndrome They Had Ever Seen!

Found wandering the streets, covered in fleas, rescue staff soon found they had rescued a real Calico spitfire who suffers from major case of single-kitten syndrome!

Found by Animal Contol wandering the streets of Commerce California in June is the cutest Calico kitten. One that can turn into a real Calico spitfire. She was soon transferred to Friends for Life RescueNetwork, so she could have a better chance at a new life.

To say she was covered in fleas would be an understatement, her tiny body was literally smothered in them! Other than that she was in pretty good health. Given the name Naomi, they soon learned what a spitfire she was.

“Naomi was a spitfire with major single-kitten syndrome and needed a buddy to help teach her how to ‘cat’ properly,” said Jacqueline DeAmor, founder of Friends for Life RescueNetwork.

Photo Courtesy of Friends for Life RescueNetwork

A couple of days prior to receiving Naomi had rescued another kitten who was the polar opposite of Naomi. Where Naomi was sassy, Sushi was sweet.

Sushi was calm, cool and collected, having the biggest purr machine, she had the ability to calm the fiercest of kittens.

Photo Courtesy of Friends for Life RescueNetwork

When the two young felines were in tip-top health it was time to meet. And they hit it off big time. It was as if they both came from the same litter. Sushi snuggled into Naomi as if they had known each other all their lives, and Naomi didn’t offer the slightest protest.

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About this time Vicky Arias from LA came across a little Calico on Instagram and fell in love.

Photo Courtesy of Friends for Life RescueNetwork

Completely smitten she thought little Naomi might be the perfect fit in her family.

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