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Completely Soaked, A Tiny Kitten Lost In The Rain. He Heard Its Cries For Help

One rainy day a construction worker heard a tiny kitten crying for help and rushed to find him.

Photo Courtesy of Carolina Carrera

Early last week, a construction worker in Boca Raton Florida was on the job site when he heard some tiny meows! Once he found out where they were coming from he saw the smallest ginger kitten, completely soaked from the rain. He was meowing non-stop, desperate for his Mom who was nowhere to be found, a tiny kitten lost in the rain.

What was clear was this little guy need to fed, and fed as soon as possible. On the job site, he was not equipped to help, so he reached out to the local area for assistance. A foster volunteer, Marnie Jelin, saw his request for help, and without any hesitation offered to take the little stray.

Animal Friends Project staff member Carmen Weinberg picked up the little guy from the construction site. Though a little cold and scrawny, he was otherwise in pretty good shape.

Photo Courtesy of Carolina Carrera

It was thought the kitten was about 2-3 weeks old, he was just in the early process of opening his eyes.

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When Carmen picked him up it was obvious how hungry he was, it was just that Eduardo, at the construction site had nothing to give him.

Photo Courtesy of Carmen Weinberg

Marnie, the foster Mom, happened to have just rescued a feral Mom, giving her somewhere safe to bring up her litter.

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