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Completely Blind And Alone, The Tiny Calico Climbed Onto Her Chest And Refused To Let Go

Completely blind with no Mom in sight, when she picked her up the tiny Calico she climbed onto her chest and refused to let go.

She was found all alone in someone’s yard, her eyes were crusted shut so she couldn’t see, the tiny Calico kitten had nowhere to go and no one to take care of her.

When she arrived at BabyCats Rescue in Sanford, North Carolina earlier this month, Kaite Rodriguez held her for the first time, the tiny Calico climbed up onto her chest wrapping front legs around her and refused to let go. All she wanted to do was to cuddle.

Photo Courtesy of Katie Rodriguez

Once there she refused to leave. She was skin and bone, blind due to an infection, she had been found just in time. She was given the name Mala, a kitten who loved to cuddle with just about everyone she came into contact with.

“She’s super clingy — having been found all alone, she needs a heartbeat next to her,” said Katie.

Photo Courtesy of Katie Rodriguez

Severely underweight, Mala weighed in at a paltry seven ounces, less than a 4-week old kitten. However, she had one thing in her favor, she had a very healthy appetite.

Having been alone at such an early age, her favorite pastime apart from eating was snuggling and cuddling. Mala didn’t like being alone, she needed to feel loved.

Photo Courtesy of Katie Rodriguez

Once she got over her initial fear nothing fazed her. The shelter has a resident dog named Burt, who likes to take care of new arrivals. Once her heard he tiny meows he came running.

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Mala would snuggle into his tail, and kneed his fur, the whole while purring away ferociously.

Photo Courtesy of Katie Rodriguez

Mala was always cuddling with someone and wouldn’t want it any other way. Over the next few days, her eyes cleared up and she began to put on weight and strength. She held onto her foster dad and fell asleep.

But Katie thought Mala needed a friend, someone to hang out with.

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