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Unwell He Sat Motionless, Barely Moving, As People Walked Past Turning A Blind Eye To His Suffering

He was still alive!

She woke to the welcome sight of her little fighter still being with her so it was straight back to the vet to assess his condition.

Screenshot Courtesy of YouTube/Stray Paws

He was again placed back on an IV drip and immediately perked right up! He began starting to take an interest in his immediate surroundings and began to gnaw on the IV chord.

He still had his head tilt and his forehead was very swollen from the pecking. This also seemed to have affected his fine motor skills.

Screenshot Courtesy of YouTube/Stray Paws

After three days Max had recovered to the point where he had gotten his appetite back and was even starting to play.

The swelling on his head had gotten worse though and was soft to touch!

Photo Courtesy of YouTube/Stray Paws

After a week the swelling had gotten worse and Max’s head was becoming too heavy to hold up.

He was a fighter though and continued to try and play.

Screenshot Courtesy of YouTube/Stray Paws

A few days later the antibiotics were begging to take effect and the swelling began to go down, in the process revealing exactly where the crows had pecked at him.

As the swelling reduced his motor skills began to improve, he became more energetic and playful.

Screenshot Courtesy of YouTube/Stray Paws

Almost one month later the young woman had completely fallen in love.

Max had almost completely healed and had his forever home.

Screenshot Courtesy of YouTube/Stray Paws

Its amazing how much a little love can change a life.

Watch the full rescue in the video below:

H/T YouTube/Stray Paws.

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