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Unwell He Sat Motionless, Barely Moving, As People Walked Past Turning A Blind Eye To His Suffering

Walking along the sidewalk after the rain she sees a tiny kitten sitting in the gutter on the side of the road.

Soaking wet she could see he was clearly needing help. He had somehow become separated from his Mom and was constantly being attacked by crows. There was fur missing on his back and numerous peck marks on his head.

He was also having trouble breathing too and had a permanent head tilt. This might be caused by brain damage, a result of the constant pecking as the birds attacked his head.

Screenshot Courtesy of YouTube/Stray Paws

But what disgusted her the most were the people driving and walking by, completely ignoring the poor little guy’s suffering.

In tears, she picked him up, giving him the name Max, and took him to the vet for emergency treatment, hoping she was not too late.

Screenshot Courtesy of YouTube/Stray Paws

Right away she found out he only weighed 300 grams! The worse news though was he was not strong enough to receive anesthesia, it would be a miracle if he survived the night.

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Curled into a little ball on the side of the road, he had been left for dead.

Still moving it had been abandoned on the side of the road only just caught the officer’s eye.

The tiny kitten was placed on IV and given antibiotics to help combat infection.

Screenshot Courtesy of YouTube/Stray Paws

The kind-hearted woman took him home and syringe fed the struggling little kitten.

What scared her was how tired and dejected he seemed, almost as if he had given up on life.

Screenshot Courtesy of YouTube/Stray Paws

She went to bed hoping he would survive the night so she could take him to the vet the following morning.

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