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Suffering From Her Injuries, Locals Say She Had Been Lying There For Quite Some Time!

Found on the side of the road she was left to suffer from her injuries without giving it another thought.

The worst part about the whole situation was that the locals had known she was there suffering.

If not for a kind-hearted passerby she would have been left to die from what can only be described as horrific injures, left there on the side of the road.

Screenshot via YouTube/Animal Step

She was carefully placed in a cat carrier and rushed to the vet for emergency treatment.

Screenshot via YouTube/Animal Step

Due to the loving care from all the staff at the clinic, helped by donations from members of the public, she slowly recovered enough to be fed via a syringe.

Screenshot via YouTube/Animal Step

When she had healed enough she was on her way to her foster home where she was able to heal at her own pace. Now starting to eat soft food alongside her milk supplement.

Screenshot via YouTube/Animal Step

She always seemed to have a slightly worried look on her face.

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After finding her on the side of the road, he had no pockets and no backpack! So for this tiny kitten, there was only one option.

Hearing the cries for help she finds to kitten dumped in a garbage bag on the side of the road.

It was understandable really, she had gone from trying to survive on the streets to being indoors with humans! A big change for a tiny kitten. But she seemed to know she was being well cared for and more importantly, loved.

Screenshot via YouTube/Animal Step

Soon she was well enough to start using her legs again, and boy did she take advantage of that. Running and playing as all kittens are supposed to do.

Screenshot via YouTube/Animal Step

There was still time for relaxing though. Her favorite place being the dining room table.

Screenshot via YouTube/Animal Step

Her new home had lots of room to run play and hide. No longer having to try and survive she had time to just be a kitten.

Screenshot via YouTube/Animal Step

The best part was she wouldn’t have to move because her foster home became her forever home.

Watch her journey in the video below:

Blind, She Was Found Frightened And Alone! Held For The Very First Time, The Terrified Calico Climbed Onto Her Chest And Refused To Let Go!

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