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Brave, The Stray Kitten Was Clearly Lonely, And Obviously Craving Company!

When she got a dog for her birthday she could never have imagined how it would change not only her life but also that of her husband and a stray cat!

For her birthday last year, Delfina Plaja got a very cute little dog called Taco. Always loving, extremely bossy and one big bundle of energy, he was also somewhat of a goof, bringing joy and lots of laughter into her home. Along with a stray kitten this dog would change her life.

However, there was one major problem, the issue of where to go to the bathroom! Taco felt that anywhere was just fine, including indoors, so Delfina moved her office to the alleyway of their building, to encourage Taco to go outside.

Photo Courtesy of Delfina Plaja

It was only the second day of working near the alley when a little kitten peered out from under a car, clearly interested in Taco.

As it turns out the kitten had been living inside an open garage, a kind next-door neighbor had been feeding him.

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When it came time to leave someone refused to let her go?

After finding a stray kitten in the woods it was soon following them everywhere!

He must have been lonely though because it wasn’t the dog who approached him, it was the kitten who approached the dog! Wanting to play and have a cuddle with a slightly bewildered Taco.

Photo Courtesy of Delfina Plaja

The pup and the kitten began to become the best of friends, meanwhile, Delfina began feeding the kitten treats in an attempt to earn his trust.

This tactic worked well, as within a week the tiny feline was climbing onto her lap purring up a storm.

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