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Born Premature And Abandoned By Mom, Doing Her Best To Keep Them Alive She Called For Help

After finding four premature kittens in her back yard, she waited for the mother cat to return, she never came back.

Despite her best efforts to care for them, two of the abandoned kittens lost their fight for survival. Not knowing what else to do the kind-hearted woman contacted the Humane Society of Valdosta, Georgia.

Photo Courtesy of Carol @thekittennanny

Carol, one of the Humane Society’s foster volunteers was more than ready to offer the kittens the care they needed, so the woman took the two remaining kittens to Carol’s home.

Carol named the kitten’s Ross and Monica, due to their tiny size it was clear they were born prematurely. They were covered in ant bite blisters, along with a heavy infestation of fleas.

Photo Courtesy of Carol @thekittennanny

The female, Monica, was born with Flexural Tendon Contracture, giving her badly twisted back legs. So as she began trying to nurse them back to health Carol also gave Monica physical therapy.

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Found blind with unusual markings she soon realized these premature kittens were not what they seemed.

Abandoned in her garden it was clear this stray kitten was very very sick!

“We weren’t sure if she’d ever be able to walk properly, but I wanted to give her the best chance possible,” said Carol.

Photo Courtesy of Carol @thekittennanny

Monica’s therapy consisted of Carol first gently massaging the tiny kittens rear legs, then stretching them in the hope of eventually correcting the deformity.

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