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Born Four Days After Her Siblings, Things For This Kitten Were Touch And Go

All John could do was make sure Shelby was comfortable. 

John made sure Shelby was comfortable and had everything she needed so she could focus on her little surprise. After a few rough days, Lizzie started to thrive.

Photo Courtesy of The Critter Room

“The kitten was loud. She was a strong nurser…. Lizzie was a total surprise being born four days after Sparky,” said John.

Shelby was now an experienced Mom, she kept an ever-watchful eye over her newborn.

Photo Courtesy of The Critter Room

After losing Lizzie’s siblings, having her little surprise there, gave Shelby the comfort she needed, something to look forward to, someone to take care of each and every day.

First and foremost, cuddles and lots of them!

Photo Courtesy of The Critter Room

At 15 days old, Lizzie was eating and gaining weight like a champ.

She was a little small for her age according to Foster Dad John, but “her gains may be smaller but they’re steady.”

Photo Courtesy of The Critter Room

Her tiny legs were getting stronger, and when Mama Shelby called out to her, Lizzie would make a beeline to her momma and immediately went to town nursing.

Over the weeks that followed, Lizzie’s personality began to shine.

Photo Courtesy of The Critter Room

She would climb everything she could lay her paws on and play with her mama and volunteers nonstop during her waking hours.

Shelby maybe a mother, but she plays like a kitten and absolutely loves attention from her human friends.

Photo Courtesy of The Critter Room

Naptime means snuggle time!

When it was time for adoption, they knew that they wanted to find Shelby and Lizzie a home together as they had always been there for each other.

Photo Courtesy of The Critter Room

On November 17, Lizzie and Shelby graduated from their foster home and were ready to embark on a new journey in life.

The Mama and daughter duo was adopted together to their forever home where they had two other feline friends to play and snuggle with.

Photo Courtesy of Hurricanes and Hot Rods

Shelby and Lizzie at their new home!

Lizzie sharing dinner with her two new sisters.

Photo Courtesy of Hurricanes and Hot Rods

Mama Shelby and her miracle kitty Lizzie are having the time of their life at their forever home.

Happy and loved!

Photo Courtesy of Hurricanes and Hot Rods
You can watch a short video of Shelby and Lizzie here:


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She found her baby just sitting on the side of the road in a cup of milk!

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