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Blind And Completely Helpless, He Had No Idea Of The Huge Danger He Was In!

Completely blind and on his own, he had no idea the danger he was in walking alongside a busy road!

Reddit user l_n said her sister had found a cat on the side of the road and immediately decided to help him. Being blind in one eye with a serious infection in the other he could not see where he was going and was in great danger.

The roadside was no place for a cat, especially one that was completely blind.

Photo courtesy of reddit@l_n

“My sister found him on the side of the road in June. We took him to the vet–he had some sort of an infection, so (one of his eyes) got taken out. He’s actually blind in the other eye as well,” reddit user l_n said.

Though he is blind, Hot Dog is a very happy somewhat easy-going cat who has no trouble at all getting around the house. Once he has navigated where everything is, he has the house mapped out in his memory and off he goes.

Photo courtesy of reddit@l_n

After finding him on the side fo the road, and taking him to the vet for a checkup l_n and her sister decided to give him a loving home.

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Photo courtesy of reddit@l_n

They made a little scarf just for him.

Somehow it seems to suit him too.

Photo courtesy of reddit@l_n

He knows he is loved and he knows he looks dapper.

He now has the warmth and love from a wonderful family that he deserves.

Photo courtesy of reddit@l_n

This is just a reminder that cats with special needs want loving homes too! Trust us on that!

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