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Blind, He Had Been Visiting On His Own For Five Years, One Day He Brought Two Friends, Two Hungry Stray Kittens

A blind Racoon had been visiting their yard for about five years, one day he teamed up with two very unlikely bodyguards, two very hungry stray kittens.

He is at least partially blind, how blind no one knows, but he bumps into things and kind of feels is way around. He has been coming to their yard for about five years for meals.

One day out of the blue he teamed up with two very hungry black stray kittens and lead them to their house for a meal, now that is what I call cross-species friendship.

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Of course, Eryn and her husband obliged, how could they say no?

The two strays in the backyard of Eryn’s house were hungry, so it was clear the three joined forces in getting Eryn’s attention.

Though he had been visiting every day for over five years, sadly, the raccoon passed away in 2015. The kittens were sad to lose their friends, so Eryn adopted them. It was for the best since she herself lost a 15-year old cat just weeks before.

You can watch this very cute video below:

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Cowering in the corner hiding behind another cat, he wouldn’t let her come near him.

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