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Abandoned And Alone, Along With Losing His Siblings, He Had Also Lost His Sight!

Soon Sage began to show some signs of recovery.

His upper respiratory system began to clear and the goo from around his eyes cleared right up. However, the antibiotics caused the poor kitten other problems.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@stagesofsage

Poor Sage could no longer do number twos, he required enema treatments just to go to the bathroom!

Nora though did see something positive!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@stagesofsage

“Sage’s ulcer is definitely getting smaller. Progress! However, he is still having a hard time going Number 2,” said Norah.

Day by day the little fighter was putting on weight due to Norah’s around the clock care and attention.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@stagesofsage

Then there was some more good news for Norah while on the way to another enema treatment for Sage.

“Great news!!! On the way to the vet today, (Sage was scheduled for another enema), he went poop all on his own! He is almost a pound, and his infection is clearing up very nicely.” 

From there it was regular trips to the ophthalmologist to monitor the progress in his eyes.

The cloudiness was definitely shrinking. The best news was he appeared to be regaining some sight.

“Not only is the infection gone from his eyes, Sage is regaining sight in his right eye. Within a month, it should go back to normal, other than a possible scar,” said Norah in an update on Instagram.

For Nora, though she has fallen in love with Sage, it had been a bumpy ride with lots of ups and downs. All in all, however, it had differently worth it.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@stagesofsage

“I loving every second of caring for this little guy, but I’ve got to say that’s it’s been an emotional roller coaster for me.” 

Soon Sage was exploring every room in the house on his own and getting to know the other cats. He also tested negative for Feline Leukemia Virus, though he may get Herpes outbreaks in the future. So he will need to take preventative medication to protect his eyes.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@stagesofsage

By the time he was nine weeks old, Sage was fully recovered. He had vision in both his eyes, his upper respiratory system infection had cleared and to top it all off he was litter box trained.

In other words, he is perfectly healthy! All Norah can say is that she is so lucky to have found him.

Click the link below to watch a video of Sage and his journey:

H/T YouTube/ Love for Kittens

Keep up with updates on Sage right here on Instagram.

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