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Abandoned And Alone, Along With Losing His Siblings, He Had Also Lost His Sight!

Along with the rest of his siblings, he was abandoned when he was just a few days old! Now completely helpless as well as losing his siblings he had also lost his sight.

Sage was somehow abandoned by his Mom at just two days old along with the rest of his brothers and sisters.

Finally rescued, he sadly, was the only one to survive long enough to make it to a foster home.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@stagesofsage

Nora, his foster Mom was contacted by a friend of hers who had taken the tiny kitten in after being found abandoned. At the time he was only around four days old.

More than happy to give him a home she began to notice things were not quite right with the little orphan!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@stagesofsage

Along with an upper respiratory infection, Sage had an ulcer in his right eye.

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Blind and deaf he never left the safety of his bed. Until one day he met a certain tough stray cat!

Blind having lived in fear for most of her short life she snuggled in, finally feeling safe at last.

He was blind, sadly Nora was told he would likely remain that way for the rest of his life!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@stagesofsage

He was immediately started on antibiotics for the upper respiratory infection and Nora treated his eyes with an ointment on a daily basis.

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