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Little More Than Skin And Bone She Was Gradually Losing Her Sight Along With Any Chance At Life

All she wanted to do was sleep!

Arrangements were made and the kitten was transported to Nikki’s home in Las Vegas. She gave her the name Sugarbug. Very frail, she was tiny, weighing in at only 0.6 pounds. Nikki began feeding her via syringe immediately. She also began treating the sick kitten with antibiotics to combat her infection.

Screenshot Courtesy of Instagram/myfosterkittens

After arriving in Nikki’s home the reason for her poor sight became immediately obvious. Due to a severe upper respiratory infection, her eyes were badly crusted over.

“She is extremely thin and malnourished. She also has a nasty eye infection. Started her on oral antibiotics, eye antibiotics, nutrical gel, cleaned her crusty face,” Nikki wrote.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/myfosterkittens

Her face was quickly cleaned up, and her eyes treated.

The good news was she was hungry and quickly wolfed down a meal she was presented with.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/myfosterkittens

“Little Sugarbug who ate breakfast all by herself this morning,” said Nikki.

Probably due to not living in fear, apart from eating all Sugarbug wanted to do was sleep. Finally having somewhere safe she made up for lost sleep time. Nikki made sure she was as comfortable as she could ever want to be.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/myfosterkittens

As time went by Sugarbug slowly began to gain more energy. This was mainly due to Nikki’s around the clock feeding and the medication combatting the kitten’s infection.

Soon she was playing and doing what all healthy kittens should be doing.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/myfosterkittens

“She loves to play, and when she gets sleepy she cuddles up next to me on the sofa. She has such a sweet and gentle disposition. I can’t imagine her living on the street alone and scared and hungry,” said Nikki.

Within three weeks Sugarbug could not have looked more different to the kitten that had originally arrived into Nikki’s care.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/myfosterkittens

After 20 days she had tripled her size and her eyes were almost perfectly healed.

Big blue and beautiful, they were the eyes of a healthy kitten.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/myfosterkittens

After Sugarbug was spayed it was soon time to say goodbye, this was not something Nikki really wanted to do.

“Her new parents are so excited for her arrival and have bought a new fancy cat condo in preparation. Until then, I’m going to smother her with love and kisses.”

Enjoy your new forever home Sugarbabe.

Watch her full rescue journey in this video below:

Please remember fostering really does save lives.

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