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Little More Than Skin And Bone She Was Gradually Losing Her Sight Along With Any Chance At Life

Not quite believing their eyes they see a tiny kitten trying to cross a busy Los Angeles road. What made it worse was she was almost blind.

Good Samaritans in Los Angeles can’t quite believe their eyes when they see a tiny, almost blind bundle of fur attempting to cross a busy road in Los Angeles.

Concerned for the tiny feline they reach out to ‘TNR Now,’ a local TNR group to see if they could help? They were quickly on the scene.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/myfosterkittens

Traffic was safely stopped and the kitten was quickly rescued.

Rescuers soon find under all her fur she was practically skin and bone.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/TNR Now

Nikki Martinez, a rescuer and highly experienced foster Mom was contacted about the little orphan.

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Breaking out of the shelter he crossed roads and railway lines, all in an effort to find her!

Left abandoned, lying on a busy road, he hadn’t yet opened his eyes!

However, Nikki was not from Los Angeles, she lived in Nevada. But as chance would have it she happened to be in Southern California at the time. So she asked a friend if the kitten could be transported to where she lived.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/TNR Now

“I know that shelters and rescues around the country are overflowing with cats and kittens, and Los Angeles in particular has a huge need for foster homes. Every foster and rescue I knew of personally was full,” said Nikki.

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