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Out Cycling One Afternoon He Hears A Noise. A Noise That Will Take Him On An Inter-State Journey To Try And Save A Life!

Cycling to the gym one afternoon he is listening to the birds when he hears a distinctly different from the others! Stopping immediately he sees a little kitten peering at him from a drainage pipe.

After a long day sitting in front of the PC, there is nothing that Cat Man Chris Poole likes to do more than head to the gym for a work out. Getting on his bicycle he heads down Sheldon Road in Tampa Bay, Florida breathing in the fresh air and listening to the birds in the trees.

And that’s when he hears it, another sound, a very unbirdlike sound. As a cat rescuer, it is a sound that Chris is very familiar with, a sound he tunes into almost as soon as he hears it. It was the sound of a kitten crying for help!

I stopped and got off my bike. Almost immediately spotted a tiny black kitten peeking back at me on the ledge of a drainage pipe! Sneaking closer to get a better look, of course it bolted into the thick brush. I rushed back home, got in the Cat Man Mobile and headed back to the spot to search.

When Cat Man Chris got home his wife was in the kitchen and she could see right away Chris was on a mission. All she caught as he talked excitedly, were a few words like, “black kitten,” “jungle” and “going back!” She headed after him about 15 minutes later but her husband was nowhere to be found?

After texting him she finally got a response as to his whereabouts, something he later shared on his Facebook page.

As it got dark Chris very soon learned that trying to find a black kitten at night is very much akin to trying to find a very small needle in a very large haystack!

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His life on the streets had taught him to never trust humans!

Every time they pick up this feral kitten she screams!

After three hours of searching and listening to a frightened kitten that would immediately fall silent whenever he moved, Chris admitted defeat, but only for that evening.

I admitted defeat. I knew deep down it wasn’t going to be a success if I continued.

No matter how many kitten noises I made or mama cat calling kittens videos I played on YouTube, the kitten was freaked out by this big “predator” that was trying to get him. 

Chris was very much aware that Halloween was near, not a good time for black cats let alone black kittens, determined to rescue this one he was back the next morning.

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