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His Siblings Would Make Full Recoveries, Listless And Lethargic He Was Barely Clinging On To Life

He was barely hanging on to life, listless and lethargic they didn’t expect him to see out the night.

Early last month, four little kittens were brought into a shelter in Massachusetts, three were going to make it, but one tiny gray kitten was extremely sick. Barely clinging on to life, no one thought he was going to make it.

Tara Kay, the founder of the Odd Cats Sanctuary heard the four little life forms and right away offered to take them in. The tiny grey was so listless and lethargic he was barely clinging on to life.

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Found crawling on his belly in the pouring rain, now he has a new tale to tell.

No one else could hear it but she could. Right away she knew what it was, it was a cry for help.

When Tara and her team took them in the kittens were immediately taken to the vet. The gray was in such a bad way he was right on the knife-edge and could go either way.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

He spent a night in the clinic with a vet tech trying her best to see him through till morning.

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