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At Only Five And A Half Weeks The Vet Told Her To Bring Him Home To Die! Now He Wears Socks As Sweaters Just To Survive

At five and a half weeks old the vet told her she could bring this kitten home to die, or the vet could try something she has never tried before.

When he was rescued he was the runt of the litter, so small he was the size of a piece of toilet paper.

Screenshot via YouTube/TheDodo

Though he did his best, he had trouble keeping up with his siblings, as they scampered about playing, he would lie down and try to play.

Screenshot via YouTube/TheDodo

He had an upper respiratory infection and started breathing through his mouth. His foster Mom became even more worried when she noticed the way he was breathing was putting even more pressure on his lungs and his heart!

Screenshot via YouTube/TheDodo

So she took him to the vet to get him checked over. She got the worse news ever when the vet told her she had two choices.

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Found barely surviving on the streets, she was the runt of the litter. So small she looked like a tiny piece of fluff.

Abandoned by her siblings, the runt of the litter, she was forced to walk the streets looking for food all by her self.

Either she could bring him home, making him as comfortable as possible, while he died. Or the vet could try something she has never tried before, an operation on a five-month-old kitten.

Screenshot via YouTube/TheDodo

Latte’s foster Mom refused to just allow him to die, after all, she had done to keep him alive. And he had done all he could, fighting to stay alive, he deserved to live.

Screenshot via YouTube/TheDodo

So an operation was done to take the pressure of Latte’s lungs and heart.

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