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As Her Kittens Are Adopted In Pairs, Finding Forever Homes, She Still Waits For Her Dreams To Come True!

As her kittens go to their forever homes in pairs, she is still waiting for her dream to come true!

Found in the backseat of an impounded car they were rescued in the nick of time. A sanitation worker had heard her and her kittens cry from the car as it was about to be towed.

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Photo Courtesy of Little Wanderers

After being rescued from the Sanitation Lot in East Harlem the young family was taken to a vet for a check-up.

Despite the conditions, they were found living in they are in pretty good shape. So a foster home was soon organized and their lives trying to survive on the streets were finally over.

Photo Courtesy of Little Wanderers

No more sleeping in an impounded car, and no more scrounging around for food!

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She takes them in but for some reason the Moma cat still wants out!

Following their distressed cries, they trace down the source, only to find they had got there just in time!

Staci their new foster Mom set up a quiet room for them and Mama LaBelle settled in, taking care of her babies. She purred like crazy as she nursed her tiny kittens.

Photo Courtesy of Little Wanderers

Her happiness at having a safe environment to raise her young family showed as whenever she took a break from nursing she would seek out Staci for snuggles and cuddles.

“I’m so glad she and her babies are off the streets and safe and warm inside. She’s such a sweetie and an amazing mom,” Staci added.

Photo Courtesy of Little Wanderers

They soon found, however, that LaBelle wasn’t producing enough milk for her litter.

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