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Appearing To Be In Shock, She Had Been Sitting Under A Car In The Pouring Rain For Hours!

He saw her sitting under a parked car in the pouring rain, unwilling to move, even for food, she appeared to be in shock.

The young man had seen a black cat sitting under a parked car in the pouring rain. Something didn’t seem right so he went to investigate? Unconcerned by his presence, nothing he did to coax her out made her budge an inch. She appeared to be in shock.

Screenshot via YouTube/KitterKlub

Concerned he called animal rescue, when they arrived she was still in exactly the same spot she had been for hours. They revved the car’s engine, offered her food, but she still refused to move. Clearly something was wrong so they decided to call a vet.

Screenshot via YouTube/KitterKlub

When she arrived she made a sad discovery, probably struck by a car the poor cat had gone into premature labor.

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Blind and heavily pregnant, after being rescued, she goes into labor. It’s too soon!

Nearby were her stillborn kittens! The vet knew she needed to act fast as there could still be kittens inside her which need to be removed.

Screenshot via YouTube/KitterKlub

If not she could die.

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