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Rescued From An Inhumane Breeder, His True Beauty Hidden Under Dirt And Stains, He Finally Learns What Love Really Is

Growing up surrounded by dogs he had always considered himself a dog person. That was until he saw a photo of a friend’s cat, little did he know how much his life was about to change.

R.J. LaCount was an out an out dog person, he always had been and thought he always he would be. At the time he was completely unaware he was about to fall in love with a homeless Persian cat!

An animal lover, R.J didn’t hate cats by any stretch of the imagination, it was just that he had grown up with dogs. He hadn’t even considered getting a cat until one fateful day a friend showed him a photo of a feline friend. That was the day R.J’s mind began to tick over.


“I grew up with bulldogs in my family, and fell in love with ‘goofy’ looking animals, but am just not home consistently enough for a dog these days,” he explained to iHeartCats.

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Passed around the family like a sack of potatoes he soon found himself scared and alone!

He sure has big boots to fill, but does he have the paws to do it?

The photo that R.J saw just happened to be a photo of a Persian cat, he immediately fell in love with the way they looked.

“I never liked the breeding aspect, however, so I did a search online for ‘Persian cat rescue in Seattle’ and found Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue.”


He called the shelter and spoke to a staff member called Alex, who informed him about a recent arrival named Brimley. Only a one-year-old he had only just come under their care, escaping what can only be described as an awful past.

Poor Brimley had been under the so-called care of an inhumane breeder who had turned the young feline into the main stud cat in his breeding program. Not only that, he had sewn Brimley’s eyes closed due to an infection. Staff at the shelter had not noticed this right away as there had been so much goo caking his face and chest, staining his lovely fur an unhealthy color.


Eager to meet Brimley R.J was a little unsure how he would react to seeing him, after all the mistreatment he had suffered by his previous owner.

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