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Cornered, He Was Petrified! Gluing Himself To The Wall In A Valient Effort To Appear Invisible

A trip to the theater to see a show turned into a mission to save one very terrified but equally cute, orange tabby kitten.

Reddit user Kelsey_Ann was on her way to the theater one night when she came upon a terrified tiny orange tabby kitten.

Corned in an alleyway behind the theater he was practically glued to a wall, completely frozen in fear, doing his best to appear invisible.

Kelsey and her Mom checked around for any other kittens. Finding none they decided then and there that they were going to take this orange orphan home. After catching him he spent the whole trip home, hiding inside Kelsey’s coat, not making a sound, not moving an inch!


“It was a pretty pathetic sight when we found him. He was literally hugged as close as he could to a corner wall.

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A tiny tabby poked her head up out of the bushes. Shaking with fear she mustered all her kitten courage and walked toward him.

Petrified, the tiny kitten was clinging on to the rear axel for dear life.

My mom said she thinks he was trying to make himself as invisible as possible.”


But all that was about to change.

To find out what happens next click 2 below!

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