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One Day he Hears A Noise, A Noise That Will Take Him On An Inter-State Journey To Save A Life. An Update

Now, the first leg of that journey to save a life has been completed successfully–and very adorably! 

Now that the perfect place had been found for Sam at Milo’s Sanctuary, Inc, all Chris had to do now was get Sam there! This was going to be harder than it sounded. All the sudden fires that had sprung up around California, especially Los Angeles and changed many people’s travel plans. However, Chris could fly south and then drive over to Burbank to save a life.

The issue there was would the airlines allow Sam to travel. She was around 8 weeks old, which is at the limit of what some airlines will allow. Coupled with that was another issue, for her age she was very underweight due to her troubles trying to survive on the streets. It was very doubtful she would be allowed to board a plane at all!

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Out cycling one day he hears a noise, a noise that will take him a journey. A journey to save a life.

For this reason, a plan B would have to be brought to fruition. Sam could be placed in a car and then go for a nice ride to Burbank. Just a short 2,500-mile trip anybody could do at the last minute! However, with all of Chris’s responsibilities he was not one of those people.

That’s not to say Chris would not want to do it, he would love to. After finding this little kitten he felt responsible for her welfare, she had already come so far. But there so many things to do that could not be just put on the back burner for about one week.

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As soon as they arrived they opened the camper door and in jumped a curious, though very friendly stray cat!

If you’re happy and you know it sing meow?

There were Cole and Marmalade annual events to plan for and organize as well as KittyCon Tampa Bay 2019. Working for your own cats and rescuing cats is, strangely enough, a full-time job! But its what Chris and his wife love doing.

Luck has been a big part of Sam’s rescue and rehabilitation, and that was to continue. Because as luck would have it, Quentin, who just happens to be the son of Milo’s Sanctuary’s president, Michelle Hoffman, happened to be in Louisiana. He also just happened to be driving back to California in the next couple of days.

This meant that Chris would be able to drive the first leg of the trip to Baton Rouge to make the feline trade. Samhain’s first, and probably her last road trip was planned and then confirmed.

The 700-mile road trip would probably take around 10 hours to complete. Catman Chris would rent a car at the Tampa Airport, drive to Baton Rouge and then fly home. Leaving at 5.00 am in the morning was not going to be pleasant, but at least he would arrive back in Tampa at 12.30 am the next day and go straight to bed.

He packed all the essentials for a road trip with felines. Thankfully, since we’ve done this numerous times, he knew what would be required for the journey. A safe carrier, cozy blankets, a small litter tray (which is rarely used we’ve found), baby wipes, water and some kitten food are the basics.

But again, how would Sam react to the journey?

Chris was in for a happy surprise.

He picked her up from her foster’s house that morning and loaded her safely into the carrier. The sweet black kitten has only gotten more and more affectionate–and adorable–as the days go by. She clearly is happy and knows that she is in safe hands now. 

Chris (safely) took photos of their trip and I haven’t seen any cuter travelling companion than little Sam in a long time!

During their road trip, they stopped every 2-3 hours for a snack and a bit of a rest. 

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