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Having Been Separated From Mom For Far Too Long, She Seemed To Have Nothing Left, Appearing To Have Just Given Up!

Only 2-weeks old she was taken off the streets and taken in by a caring woman. She doesn’t respond to care, try and try as she might, she can’t even get this kitten to eat!

An abandoned kitten she was only 2-weeks old when was found on the streets of San Jose California.

Photo Courtesy of rosieandthehuskies-rosies-story

She was given to a caring woman Thoa Bui who had nursed many kittens back to health before. But try as she might this kitten wouldn’t respond to Thoa’s loving care and attention.

Photo Courtesy of rosieandthehuskies-rosies-story

Listless and dejected, she appeared to have given up. She wouldn’t eat and she wouldn’t drink.

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He was found curled up in the burning sun with a very high fever!

So young and fragile she had to do something fast to save this kittens life!

In fact, Rosie the kitten didn’t seem to want to do much of anything at all!

Photo Courtesy of

Seeing what was happening Thoa’s Husky Lilo decided to get involved.

Photo Courtesy of rosieandthehuskies-rosies-story

Taking the tiny kitten under her paw, she started cuddling Rosie.

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