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Alone And Heavily Pregnant She Goes Missing During A Blizzard With Record Lows On The Way!

When a feral she had been caring for went missing after a blizzard, she was determined to find her.

Along with her neighbors, Katia Lanza had been regularly feeding a local feral cat in her New Jersey neighborhood. They had been doing this for around a year when one winter record cold weather looked like it was about to settle in.

Fearing for the safety of the kitty they had named Lipstick, they began searching for her, wanting to protect her from what would soon be freezing temperatures.

Photo Courtesy of Katie Lanza

It took five days of hunting, they eventually tracked her down hiding under a neighbors porch after a blizzard. It was not long after that they figured out she was pregnant. That was the final straw, they were determined she would be rescued, kept safe from the cold. But first, they needed to gain her trust

It took weeks of patience, love, and almost constant attention, then one-night Lipstick walked into Katie’s kitchen of her own accord. It seemed as though she had finally decided to accept help from her human friends.

Photo Courtesy of Katie Lanza

Two weeks later Lipstick gave birth to four adorable kittens, Katies recalls: “Once they were born and Lipstick cleaned them up, we put them in a fresh kitty bed and used a heating pad to help regulate their temperature, she is very, very sweet but very protective.

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Pregnant and practically blind she goes into labor far too soon.

She lets me handle her babies to check their weight and make sure they are nursing but will lightly smack my hand if I have been holding them too long.”

Photo Courtesy of Katie Lanza

“We think they were 2 girls and 2 boys but we aren’t sure just yet. Their eyes haven’t even open yet but they are strong little things.”

Let’s hope Lipstick decides to stay with Katie, giving her kittens lots of love and affection that she herself had never known until now.

Photo Courtesy of Katie Lanza

See Lipstick with her lovely babies in the charming video below:

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