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She Gave Birth In The Worst Possible Weather! All She Could Do Was Hope Help Would Arrive To Save Her Kittens

The main problem was that she had given birth outside under some steps during really cold and rainy weather.

All she could do was try to keep everyone warm during the dreadful conditions. Hoping help would come in time to save her kittens.

Athina Selena, who works for Jersey Kitty Nonprofit received a call about the Momma cat and her terrible situation.

Photo Courtesy of Athina @rukasthecat

Athina began to put out feelers to social media, trying to find a foster home for the young family.

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She managed to find a couple of volunteers, so a rescue mission swung into action.

Photo Courtesy of Athina @rukasthecat

They went to the location and Athina immediately put the kittens into a carrier.

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