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Paralyzed He Was Unable To Walk! However, His Injury Didn’t Stop His Mom From Doing Her Best To Care For Him

After hearing faint meows coming from a nearby building residents decided to try and track down where it was coming from. What they found was heartbreaking!

Residents of an apartment block could hear faint meows coming from a building nearby and decided to investigate the source.

Maybe the tiny kitten needed some help?

Screenshot via YouTube/Kritter Klub

Moma cat however was not to keen on strangers, so the residents were forced to set up some cameras to see where she went?

Screenshot via YouTube/Kritter Klub

After getting some footage the residents settled down to watch the footage.

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Treated like a worthless plaything, after her first week she is left almost paralyzed!

First, her tail began to twitch, then her legs began to kick, then she tried to stand!

They were shocked to find her kitten was paralyzed!

Screenshot via YouTube/Kritter Klub

The very cute ginger kitten had completely lost the ability of being able to use his back legs.

Screenshot via YouTube/Kritter Klub

This did not stop him, however, try and follow his Mom wherever she went.

Screenshot via YouTube/Kritter Klub

Mom had found a very safe spot to hide him, and seemed to have made the decision they no one was to go near it.

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