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Abandoned By His Owners After They Moved Out, All The Other Cats Were Terrified Of Her, All Except Him?

Wanting a companion for their daughter, the interesting thing was all of the other cats were afraid of her wheelchair except one!

As many of you know, Cat Man Chris, aka ‘Chris Poole,’ is the human dad to internet sensations Cole and Marmalade. However, he also spends much of his time out and about looking after and rescuing stray cats.

Finding many cats living deplorable conditions, he often helps out local shelters by trapping them and then assisting with rehoming after they have recovered and been socialized.

Screenshot Courtesy of YouTube/Cat Man Chris

While out one-day feeding local colony cats he noticed a new arrival to the area. A beautiful though very dirty white cat had turned up?

Quite friendly, Chris thought he might have been part of someone’s home and now fallen on hard times. Perhaps finding himself abandoned when they had moved on?

Screenshot Courtesy of YouTube/Cat Man Chris

While taking care of the colony soon Chris noticed the white cat turning up more and more often. Quite talkative, he would often respond when Chris called out to him. He quite liked all the food Chris brought too, even more so when Chris brought catnip!

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Abandoned by her owners when they moved out, the new tenants find her doing her best to keep her kittens alive!

Found huddling together for support their owners had left them behind with no way to fend for themselves!

Chris was beginning to think it might be a good idea to take this sweet boy off the streets and find him a home of his own.

Screenshot Courtesy of YouTube/Cat Man Chris

So he set up a trap, and with the help of catnip, the whole process was easy. It was time to take him to the shelter to get him checked over and see if he had been microchipped.

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