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All Alone, He Had Lost His Mom, When They Took Him To The Shelter He Was Approached By Two Kittens

He was approached by two kittens, initially, one kitten was a bit apprehensive.

But soon they all hit it off.

Sarah Carter is the actual Found of the Sanctuary. She reported That Horace’s birth mom died when she was hit by a car.

And so, the sanctuary was forced to raise Horace around many types of animals!

The bonds he formed shocked the team!

Of course, Horace also loves people!

Though Horace actually prefers the company of cats over that of other monkeys.

On the evenings, Horace likes to play with the cats, or sleep with them.

Everyone there is part of one big, happy family!

The sanctuary cares for animals just until they can live in the wild.

As for Horace, the sanctuary has decided to keep Horace because of how close he has become with some of the other ‘resident animals’.

Horace has become the sanctuary’s ‘mascot,’ and ring-leader!

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Despite the extreme pain, he must have been in when she picked him up for the first time, this very unique kitten purred.

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