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No Animal Should Have To Go Through This, Especially Not An Innocent Kitten.

No animal should have to go through this at the hands of a human being. No cat, no dog, no hamster and in this case, not an innocent little kitten.

Given the name Karma, she was understandably completely distrustful of people after what she had gone through. She had once been an innocent little kitten, now she was frightened of everyone, even other animals., The staff at the Humane Society Silicon Valley, works tirelessly to gain the trust of the tiny tortured kitten.

We are supposed to be the guardians of all life on this planet, showing love and compassion to the animals that surround us. So when someone, supposedly a fellow human being, does something like this it is heartbreaking.

Photo Courtesy of Humane Society Silicon Valley

To think that another person actually made a conscious decision to do this. Thinking about what they were going to do, then actually carrying it out the act on an innocent kitten? It’s mind-boggling! This is a person without any form of compassion, or for that matter, logic?

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Backed into a corner she had no way of escape!

Hanging from its rear legs, found in a trash can, this kitten was covered in spray foam.

Her wounds had mostly healed by the time she arrived from the Bay Area, where she was found. Thank goodness for the good Samaritan that had rescued her.

Photo Courtesy of Humane Society Silicon Valley

It was the scars on her heart that would take much longer to heal. The question was could she learn to trust again?

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