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After Saving A Homeless Cat From The Streets He Realizes He’s Rescued A Mom! So Where Were Her Kittens?

He takes a homeless cat off the streets only to be told she is a nursing Mom! So where are her tiny kittens?

After finding a pretty little cat living on the streets in Las Vegas he takes her into a spay/neuter center only to be told that he’s rescued a Mom and that her kittens were still out there! Immediately he goes back to the streets, spending hours trying to find them!

Luckily he is joined by volunteers from the TNR group, C5, as there was quite a large area to cover around where she was found. Duff, the kind-hearted man who found the Mom decided to stay until nightfall, hoping to find the tiny kittens before they would have to spend a night without their Mom.

Photo Courtesy of Ellen Richter @foster_kitten_tails

After searching for hours the little babies were found in a neighbor’s yard hiding under a woodpile!

“The doctor told him that there were babies somewhere, so the troops were brought in for searching,” saids Ellen Richter, fosterer of Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions.

Via Screenshot Ellen Richter @foster_kitten_tails

It was around midnight when they were found, some of the staff even stayed behind until 3 am, taking care of the young Mom and her babies. Now volunteers are hoping to find someone to foster the tiny cat family until they can all be put up for adoption.

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Mom was given the name Portia, and her little ones, Palma, Paris and the white one Persia.

Photo Courtesy of Ellen Richter @foster_kitten_tails

Eventually, Ellen, one of the best foster parents in Las Vegas, was contacted, she immediately took in the young family. Sadly soon after arriving tragedy strikes.

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