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After Meeting An Orphaned Kitten In A Kenyan Slum It Decides To Follow Him All The Way Home! That Was Six Years Ago.

After meeting him he seemed to have decided this was the man for him and that this was going to be his home.

About six years ago a man in Kenya was working for a non-profit organization he started when a came across an orphaned kitten in a nearby slum.

After he had befriended the little kitten it followed him all the way home. The little one had clearly decided to stay with him and he didn’t have the heart to turn him away.

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/TheLake

“That was actually back in 2012 when I was living in a very small room near the slum.,”said The Lake.

He gave the kitten the name Nala because he had originally thought he was a she.

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/TheLake

Nala quickly became one of the most spoiled cats in Kenya. Cat food and litter boxes are not easy to come by in Kenya, but The Lake somehow managed to find both.

“Most family cats aren’t really considered to be pets but serve primarily to kill mice and rats. “The fact that he eats cat food and uses a litter box puts him pretty high up on the list.”

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/TheLake

When he was old enough Nala was neutered and given all the appropriate shots.

He quickly adjusted to indoor life and was turning into quite the little lion cub.

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/TheLake

One of Nala’s favorite places to nap turned out to be The Lake’s laptop.

Not the most convenient place, but definitely the cutest.

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/TheLake

Many of The Lake’s Kenyan friends were amazed at how big the tiny kitten was becoming as most cats in Kenya are primarily kept to hunt rats and mice.

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Out for a ride one day she turns for home and finds she is being followed by a pack of stray kittens!

She can run and she can hide but he was relentless following her everywhere!

This means they tend to stay quite small.

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/TheLake

“Most of the cats I come across are very, very skinny and small. Most of my Kenyan friends and visitors are amazed at how big Nala is, and at how affectionate he is with people.”

Nala continued to surprise the Kenyan’s because Nala kept on growing.

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/TheLake

Becoming more and more like an African Lion.

One with stripes, that is

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/TheLake

Before The Lake knew it he had to head back home to the US.

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