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After Losing His Owner, Very Unwell, A Senior Cat Is Dumped In A Shelter.

After his owner moved into a nursing home, his cat Jamie had to move into a shelter. Frightened and alone he withdraws into himself.

When he arrived in the RSPCA shelter in Australia he was very unwell. The senior cat, a Burmese, had cat flu, along with bad teeth, and ongoing kidney problems that are usually associated with older cats.

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Understandably staff were concerned that no one would want to adopt a senior cat.

Especially one that had been so unwell.

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They needn’t have worried as Jamie knew how to win people over.

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Thrown onto the streets a senior cat, walks and walks until he can’t walk anymore!

At 17 years of age, she had lost everything. After losing her owners and being abused by their family, shelter staff had never seen a more angry cat!

After he was feeling better Jamie was allowed to meet potential owners. One day a young woman came to see him.

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Jamie knew she was the one for him and instantly won her over with all his affection, along with his beautiful green eyes.

Now he won’t allow her to leave his side.

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So much so that they fall asleep holding hands.

If she lets go of his paw Jamie wakes up, meows and claws her hand back until she holds his paw again before he can go back to sleep.

Screenshot via YouTube/Slideshow of Animals

I think it is safe to say this small family has well and truly bonded.

Weak with hunger, when he sees them coming, a freezing kitten does his best to pull himself free.

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