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Hearing Their Cries For Help He Knows He Has To Act Fast! Rolling Up His Sleeves He Embarks On A 7 Hour Rescue Effort!

He couldn’t believe it when he heard a faint meow coming from a pile of wood in a dumpster. He knew he had to act fast!

After hearing their cries for help under a load of wood in a dumpster, Cliff knew he had to do something and he had to do it fast. Then he heard more meows, and he knew there were more lives at stake!

Someone had cruelly dumped them in a dumpster then buried them under a load of wood. So Cliff rolled up his sleeves and began what was to be seven hours of hard labor, to try and rescue this tiny family.

And that is exactly what Cliff did, although one kitten didn’t survive, all the others did thanks to his efforts. They were taken in by ‘Watching Over Whiskers,’ a rescue organization based in Springfield, Missouri.

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They got two new dogs so they put her out on to the street to fend for herself!

Everybody walked right by it, not her, she saw it moving. She knew something was alive inside?

There they were fed and given all the love and attention they need. Two of the smallest kittens even got a Foster Mom called Roxy who took very good care of them. All the kittens are now healthy and happy, with new foster homes, enjoying their daily adventures thanks to Cliff.

“They got dumped in the dumpster, then there was wood dumped on top,” Cliff told Love Meow. Cliff even filmed how he saves a grey furry kitten, puts him on his lap and gives him some much needed TLC…

”We are grateful Cliff took all that time to save these little lives. He’s a hero!” shelter staff told Bored Panda.

When Cliff heard a sound of a kitten crying in a dumpster he knew he needed to act fast…
Then Cliff realized there were more kittens cruely burried under the piles of wood.
So the man rolled up his sleeves and started a 7 hour digging rescue operation.
Watching Over Whiskers shelter took in the kittens and fed their bellies
The helpless kitties were so small they just had their eyes open and needed an all-day care
The shelter gave them everything they needed to get healthy and strong
Now all the kittens are happy at their new-found foster homes

You can watch the full video of this amazing rescue here:

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