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Crying Over And Over She Needed Someone Special To Help Fill The Void Left By Losing Her Family!

They took to hear right away!

When Darby was introduced to them they took to her right away. Soon everyone was cuddling and snuggling.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@tiny.paws.fosters

She especially spent a lot of time with Coconut, “a very handsome and chatty boy.”

“Darby is grateful for her big foster brother Coconut and his snuggles! She loves to sleep next to him and he sure does not mind it,” Nadija said.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@tiny.paws.fosters

She soon ran into some issues with a tummy upset which she quickly got over.

Not even that could slow the outgoing girl down.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@tiny.paws.fosters

She also took a liking to Coconuts brother Mango, so both brothers worked out an arrangement where they took turns cuddling her to sleep.

This worked out very well, as this way she was never alone.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@tiny.paws.fosters

“Darby is grateful for her big foster brothers and their snuggles! It’s so heartwarming to see them together, grooming and playing with her so gently.”

Not short on confidence she was making friends with everyone. Even Izzy the dog fell under her sweet spell.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@tiny.paws.fosters

“Little Darby loves everyone and makes friends in no time.. even with the big dog that she just met who’s trying to sniff her butt!”

Rescued from the streets all on her own Darby is now surrounded by lots of feline, human, and even canine friends.

All there to support her on her journey to her eventual forever home.

Keep up with all of Darby’s adventures here on Instagram and also here on Facebook.

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