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After Breaking Out Of The Cardboard Box It Seemed Their Fight For Survival Had Only Just Begun!

Cruelly sealed inside a taped laundry powder box it seemed their struggle to survive had only just begun!

That may well have been the case had it not been for Anthony and Nina who were on their way to the dentist when they noticed a Tide laundry box lying on the side of the road.

The curiosity was only heightened when they saw the box move, so they decided to take a closer look? As they got closer they couldn’t believe their eyes when out popped a kittens head!

Photo Courtesy of Dani the Cat Lady via Instagram

Nina immediately helped the remaining kittens out of the rain-soaked box and began searching the area for more.

They found another kitten nearby and took the three tiny balls of fluff to a nearby shelter where they received a veterinary examination.

Photo Courtesy of Dani the Cat Lady via Instagram

Luckily all three kittens were found to be in good health so it was time to take them home.

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Walking past an alleyway with several sealed box’s she hears a cry for help!

After finding a box of abandoned kittens on top of a trash heap, he takes them in his jaws one by one and carries them home.

As soon as they got home Anthony and Nina fed the three hungry young felines and gave them a bath.

Photo Courtesy of Dani the Cat Lady via Instagram

Unfortunately, due to Nina’s cat allergy, they couldn’t stay with the couple.

Nina wrote a Facebook post explaining the situation and a local cat rescuer took all three in.

Photo Courtesy of Dani the Cat Lady via Instagram

The kittens, as it turns out, were severely underweight and only a month old.

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