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He Was Barely Newborn With No Mom Or Siblings Anywhere To Be Seen! Soon Falling Asleep In Her Arms.

Found alone with his umbilical cord still attached he needed help right away!

A couple of months ago, a family from Florida found a plea on the internet, looking for someone to help a kitten abandoned so young he was practically a newborn. He had been found on his own, with no Mom or brothers and sisters anywhere to be seen.

Beth Walden and her daughter immediately responded and made arrangements to pick the newborn up the following day.

Photo Courtesy of Beth Walden @mr_tiny_pants

When they picked up the tiny kitten they saw straight away how young he was and what bad shape he was in! He still had his eyes closed and his umbilical cord attached!

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They drove straight to the nearest store to pick up supplies. His very first meal since losing his Mom was in a store parking lot. Soon after he began to perk up a little and fell asleep in their arms.

Photo Courtesy of Beth Walden @mr_tiny_pants

Once home they gave him the name Mr. Tiny Pants. His tiny meows attracted the interest of Beth’s several dogs who were allowed to introduce themselves under strict supervision.

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