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Very Ill, Only A Few Weeks Old, She Had Left Him Behind

She found a very sick stray kitten in her garden. Abandoned by his Mom because he was not well, he was only a few weeks old.

Genevieve from Montreal, Canada saw the tiny black sick stray kitten at the bottom of her garden, it was clear he was not doing well, his eyes were badly infected, he needed help right away.

Photo Courtesy of Chatons Orphelins Montréal

She had seen a stray Moma cat near her house a few times, she may have left this poor baby behind because he was so sick.

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Unable to eat motherless and alone he was going to be put down!

A stray kitten, he was on death row because they said he was unadoptable!

Right from the get-go, he turned out to be a friendly little fellow. As soon as she picked him up he began to purr, he seemed to know he needed help. Stella, one of Genevieve’s neighbors got him some food and gave him some medical attention for his infected eyes.

Photo Courtesy of Chatons Orphelins Montréal

For the first time in a while, the little furball had a full stomach and a warm place to fall asleep. If there was kitten heaven, he had found it that night.

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