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Abandoned By Their Family They Were Found Alone, Dehydrated And Emaciated, Practically On Their Last Legs!

What set these two apart from the other cats was they were quite friendly, not the least bit afraid of humans.

Sarah Richardson, a volunteer of Community Cats of Central Arkansas, had begun to feed and care for a colony of about 15 cats when two new cats mysteriously appeared. Both appeared to be on their last legs.

Unlike some of the other cats in the colony these two where quite friendly and not in the least bit afraid of humans.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/mrwhiskersfriends

What was clear was that two cats, in particular, were not in good shape The gray tabby with the bent ear was named Angus. He had a whole host of issues.

“He’s going to need to be trapped, fixed, de-wormed, and treated for an infestation of ear mites & other medical conditions. He will be healthy in no time with vet care & some TLC,” said Sarah.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/mrwhiskersfriends

The black cat who tended to get food all over his face when he ate was named Midnight.

Sarah managed to successfully trap both boys along with some other cats and arrangements were made to get them assessed and treated by a vet.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/mrwhiskersfriends

It was a good thing too as the poor boys looked to be almost days from death.

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What they didn’t know when she was trapped and spayed was that she was feeding a litter of kittens.

With the house due to be torn down any down, time was of the essence to save both her and her kittens.

If they had not wandered into the colony and been fed by Sarah and her young assistants they may not have made it.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/mrwhiskersfriends

Both cats were neutered and treated for a host of infestations. Setting them back on the path to full health.

It wasn’t long before both boys had fully recovered and were ready for adoption with a lady in Texas quickly falling in love with Angus. Sarah and her family were going to miss the sweet boy.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/mrwhiskersfriends

“He is the sweetest boy in the house & he loves cats & people,” said Sarah. 

Midnight however was not taking his friend’s departure so well!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/mrwhiskersfriends

“Midnight is missing his sidekick Angus tonight, but we are thankful he went to an amazing home, Sarah said.

However, it was not long after he moved in that the lady noticed Angus wasn’t really adjusting to his new home.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/mrwhiskersfriends

He appeared depressed so his new Mom got back in touch with Sarah.

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