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Along With The Rest Of Her Siblings, A Tiny Kitten Is Left For Dead At Two Days Old

Born with a cleft palate, along with her siblings she was abandoned and left to die!

She had virtually had no chance of survival. However, no one told Piglet that! She was a fighter who along with her brothers and sisters had a strong will to live.

They all received around the clock care with regular feeding and general monitoring of their all-round health.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram CleftLipSupercat

Yes, Piglet has a cleft palate, but that does not make her any less adorable than her siblings, or any other kitten for that matter.

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What it does do is make her all that more adorable. She is a very affectionate kitten with a love of people, but she is very needy.

She required more care and attention than the average kitten.

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