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Eyes Closed, Starving, She Meowed Constantly. The Woman Placed Her In A Warm Place And Kept An Eye Out For Mom.

Hearing cries for help coming from her back yard she followed them until she came across an abandoned kitten crying for its Mom!

It still had its eyes closed and was clearly very hungry, meowing constantly. The kind-hearted woman placed it in a warm place keeping an eye out for Mom, but unfortunately, she never came back.

Meanwhile, Ashley Kelley, a volunteer with Wrenn Rescues, Los Angeles, happened to be on Facebook reading about an abandoned kitten very much in need of immediate rescue.

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Kelley @bruceandfoxfosters

It just happened to be the very same kitten the kindhearted woman had rescued!

“Someone had found a solo kitten. It still had closed eyes and was meowing a lot, and obviously hungry,” Ashley shared. “Something told me that I needed to go get it immediately. I got in touch with the finder, grabbed a mask and gloves, and hopped in my car. It was already 9 PM.”

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Kelley @bruceandfoxfosters

It is more than likely the kitten had been left behind by her Mom. Nature can be cruel like that sometimes. The Moms sometimes leave behind their less likely to survive babies to focus on the healthy ones.

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At only two days old she is left for dead!

Perfectly healthy, he is due to be put down just because of the way he looks!

As far as Ashley was concerned there was nothing different about this kitten until she arrived home and took a closer look. Just when she was about to giver her a bottle she discovered the little one had a cleft palate.

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Kelley @bruceandfoxfosters

“She has a teeny tiny hole in her palate along with the cleft nose, so it’s not safe to bottle feed her.

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