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Completely Helpless, A Newborn Kitten Is Found Alone Under Some Bushes, A Mothers Milk Would Be Essential For His Survival

Found all alone in the bushes, with no siblings or Mom anywhere to be seen. To survive he needed a mothers milk!

Winnie, a pretty Tuxedo Cat, was brought into a shelter in Orlando, Florida, where she gave birth to a very healthy kitten named Kevin. Pet Alliance Greater Orlando took in the very happy Mom and her newborn kitten as they were in need of foster care.

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Krakosky

At the time the rescue group also happened to have two orphaned kittens they were providing around the clock care to. It was decided to introduce Wayne and Paul to Winnie to see if she would accept them?

They need not have worried because Winnie accepted them as her own without hesitation. She immediately began nursing the no longer motherless pair, all the while giving them a much needed clean.

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Krakosky

The now slightly increased family moved in with Lisa Krakosky, a foster volunteer with Pet Alliance. Mom, as you would expect was made very comfortable with her own quiet room where she could focus on caring for her family.

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Found orphaned and alone with nowhere to go.

Cornered he was petrified, a cute tabby kitten doing his best to appear invisible.

Pet Alliance, however, decided to push their luck that little bit further. As Winnie had been so great with Wayne and Paul they thought they would see if she would accept one more orphan.

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Krakosky

A newborn kitten that was in need of a mother’s milk.

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