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A Traumatic Start To Life For A Kitten. Still, With Only One Eye She Saw Exactly What She Wanted

Introducing a new pet into your family is sometimes a difficult process, especially if you have pets from different species. Some species can be quite territorial, especially dogs and cats. So you have to be especially careful with a traumatized kitten.

Cats tend to be somewhat independent animals, they don’t mind mixing and mingling when it suits them, whereas dogs a very much pack animals. Wanting as much attention as they can get.

Courtesy of Instagram/stitchtherescuecat

This was what Pheobe Gill was thinking about as she found herself falling in love with a one-eyed Sphynx kitten who had a very traumatic start to her short life, losing an eye to an infection with a breeder. She wanted to give this kitten a forever home but was worried whether her dog, Alaska, would be as welcoming as the rest of the family.

Courtesy of Instagram/stitchtherescuecat

It was love at first sight for Pheobe, and she was determined that somehow this was going to work.

Courtesy of Instagram/stitchtherescuecat

She knew that Stitch was going to get along just fine with herself, but what about the dog?

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How was Alaska going to handle a newcomer into their home, a newcomer from another species that has a reputation for not getting along with dogs?

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