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Completely Feral A Tiny Tuxedo Kitten Screams Whenever She Is Picked Up

Underfed, underweight and completely unsocialized she screams whenever she is picked up.

Found without a Mom a tuxedo kitten is brought in the New York City ASPCA. Underweight and unsocialized she turns out to be one heck of a little tuxedo spitfire. So feral, this tiny tuxedo screams every time someone picks her up.

Photo Courtesy of Kyla @eccentric_essences

It was clear that if this kitten was ever going to be adopted she would first need to be socialized. The little orphan was given to foster Mom, Kyla Burton, who was willing to take on the difficult task. This would be Kyla’s first feral kitten.

“She was the first ‘feral’ kitten I had ever worked with but took on the challenge knowing that I had many resources available to me,” said Kyla. “She would scream when I would pick her up. It took about a week before we became friends.”

Photo Courtesy of Kyla @eccentric_essences

Kyla first tried to win her reluctant friend over with treats. She also kept her company when she was having her meals and spent time with her while she played, trying to show her she meant no harm.

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As time went by Kyla’s overtures of friendship began to bear fruit, slowly but surely she began to win the cute tuxedo kitten over. To the point where, Calvin as Kyla named her, began to follow her around like a little shadow.

Photo Courtesy of Kyla @eccentric_essences

When Kyla took Calvin in for her second check-up at the vets they quickly saw an improvement in her behavior and sent Kyla home with two more foster kittens.

Calvin, as you would expect, was over the moon to have more friends to play with and snuggle up to. Kyla soon noticed how caring and nurturing Calvin’s true nature was toward kittens in need.

Photo Courtesy of Kyla @eccentric_essences

When the tuxedo was ready for spay surgery and adoption, another volunteer took her for a vet visit.

“I remember feeling torn because she made me work so hard for her love. I had never felt this way about any of my other fosters, so I slept on it,” Kyla said. “When I woke up, I immediately called the nursery and told them that I was going to adopt her!”

Photo Courtesy of Kyla @eccentric_essences

When Calvin came home, it was as if she had never left. She immediately went back to her normal routine, snuggling with her now forever human, purring up a storm.

There’s something really special about the tuxedo girl — whenever Kyla brings home a foster kitten, she comes running and wants to help.

Photo Courtesy of Kyla @eccentric_essences

“I noticed her love for the kittens when they would be in their enclosure and she would sit on top or next to it all day,” Kyla said.

Calvin will stay with the kittens when they arrive and guard outside their nursery pen, making sure they are not alone. Even the shyest fosters are drawn to her and immediately calm down in her presence.

Photo Courtesy of Kyla @eccentric_essences

“Her favorite thing to do with the kittens is napping because she loves cuddling. She also is great at grooming and keeping them out of trouble.

“I never have to worry too much because she is the best babysitter ever.”

Photo Courtesy of Kyla @eccentric_essences

The little tuxedo has helped foster over 25 kittens over the last one and a half years.

Many of those kitties she cared for, came in as orphans and found love through her.

Photo Courtesy of Kyla @eccentric_essences

“We currently are fostering three older kittens who are under socialized and I would be remiss not to mention that she is the main reason they have come out of their shells,” Kyla said.

“I just love her so much.”

Photo Courtesy of Kyla @eccentric_essences
Watch Calvin taking care of her foster kittens in this very cute video below:

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