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Their First Concern Was Broken Bones, But Despite Her Cries For Help, They Just Can’t Reach Her!

Checking into a hotel sometimes is a lot easier than checking out, as would have been the case for this little kitten if no one had heard her cries for help.

Somehow a tiny kitten had fallen into a cavity between two walls at the Belmont Inn in Port Richey, Florida. There she might have remained had not hotel guests heard her cries for help.

The first thing staff could see was that she seemed OK. There could have expected injuries in a fall from that hight, apart from being very scared she seemed fine.

She appeared to be very alert, and there was definitely nothing wrong with her lungs if her constant meows for help were anything to go by.

How she had ended up there is anyone’s guess, it was how to get her out that was a question that needed answering?

The first thing hotel staff had to work around to execute a successful rescue was the jagged walls, as well as the piles of trash at the bottom.

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After following her stressed meows, he found her family trapped between two walls.

A cute kitten quite literally falls from above ending up at this woman’s feet!

All attempts at rescue failed one after the other, but hotel staff were not prepared to give up. Someone had the idea to try fishing her out with a thick length of fishing line.

So quite literally, they went catfishing!

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