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When It Dropped, She Just Lay There. A Once Active Kitten, Completely Non-Responsive

At just six weeks old this tiny kitten had a major setback in her short life when a cat carrier was accidentally dropped on her head. No one thought she would make it!

But S’mores was a battler and never gave up, her will to live never wavered, along with brain damage, she was almost completely immobile. A once active kitten, she couldn’t walk, nor eat on her own.

Vets didn’t know if she would make it, or what state she would be in even if she did survive. But no one told S’mores their concerns for her well being, or their concerns for her survival.

With supportive care, it was hoped she might survive. She lay there, completely non-responsive getting nutrients from a feeding tube.

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The doctors weren’t sure how long it would take, with traumatic brain injuries it’s a waiting game. Time would soon tell and show if she gets better and pulls through.

S’mores remained at the sanctuary where she got all the care and attention needed to help her pull through this difficult time. All they could do was wait.

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