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When It Came Time To Go To Her Forever Home, Someone Else Refused To Let Her Go!

She was only three weeks old when she and two siblings were fostered into a new home When it came time to leave someone refused to let her go!

Lauraine and her boyfriend nursed the trio back to health with every intention of finding them the best homes possible and a chance at a better life than the one they had been living.

With the right love care and attention, the kittens were soon healthy playful little balls of fur. Two found their forever homes very quickly, however Lyla, the calico was left waiting for just the right family to come along and take her home.

Source: Mr.Koda.Bear / Instagram

It was around this time when Lyla was about five months old that a new addition joined their family in the form of a puppy, Koda, who just happened to be about the same size as his soon to be feline friend.

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Watch what happens when her foster Mom walks into the room?

Inseparable they were found wandering the streets together, inseparable is how they wanted to remain.

Very soon after some looks, a couple of puppy licks and cute kitten sniffs the pair hit it off.

Source: Mr.Koda.Bear / Instagram

The pair would go everywhere and do everything together, no part of the house was off-limits. Every time Koda would leave to do his doggy business, Lyla would cry for him.

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